For Pianist: the piano music of Christian Wolff

26-28 January 2008, Persistence Works, Sheffield (plus further concerts at The Warehouse, London, and the University of Leeds)

Thursday January 24th

Wolff                 For Piano (I) (1952)

                   Bread and Roses (1976)

John Cage          Seven Haiku (1951-2)

Wolff                 For Piano II (1953)

Tim Parkinson piano piece (2006)**


Wolff                 For piano with preparations (1957)

Eric Satie            Nocturnes (1919)

Wolff                 Piano Song (“I am a dangerous woman”) (1983)

Pianist:Pieces (2001)*

Friday January 25th

Wolff                 For prepared piano (1951)

Eric Satie            Air; Essai; Notes (1); Notes (2); Exercices; Notes (3);                             Harmonies; Choral (from ‘Carnet d’esquisses et do croquis’, 1900-13)

Wolff                     A Piano Piece (2006)*

Charles Ives         Three-Page Sonata (1905)

Steve Chase        Piano Dances (2007-8)**

Wolff                 Accompaniments (1972)


Wolff                 Eight Days a Week Variation (1990)

Cornelius Cardew Father Murphy (1973)

Howard Skempton Whispers (2000)

Wolff                 Preludes 1-11 (1980-1)

Saturday January 26th

Christopher Fox    at the edge of time (2007)*

Wolff                 Studies (1974-6)

Michael Parsons Oblique Pieces 8 and 9 (2007)**

Wolff                 Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida (1979)


Wolff                 Suite (I) (1954)

For pianist (1959)

Webern              Variations (1936)

Wolff                 Touch (2002)*

(** denotes world premiere; * denotes UK premiere)