pieces commissioned and/or premiered by philip thomas

pat allison Re-tudes (for toy piano)
martin arnold Points and Waltzes
mick beck Not Just A Load of Balls
chris burn Pressings and Screenings
stephen chase Noise Is Kinde
  Piano Dances
michael clarke Tu(r)ning (with electronics)
geoff cox Outtake (with electronics)
  No Escape (with film and electronics)
laurence crane Piano Piece No.23 ‘Ethiopian Distance Runners’
lawrence dunn For Piano (Dancing)
richard emsley for piano 13
simon h fell Composition No.73: Thirteen New Inventions
michael finnissy Beat Generation Ballads
christopher fox Republican Bagatelles
  senza misura
jürg frey Circular Music No.5
  Extended Circular Music No.9
  Miniature in Five Parts
  Three Piano Pieces
rozalie hirs Meditations (with electronics)
ben isaacs Splendid (with electronics)
travis just And I am not being frivolous now, either.
joseph kudirka Star of the North (with electronics)
john lely All About the Piano (with electronics)
scott mclaughlin Marionettes
cassandra miller Philip the wanderer
tim parkinson piano piece 2006
  untitled 2004b
michael parsons Piano Piece August 2000
  Piano Piece December 2002
  Oblique Pieces 8 & 9
james saunders #271002
  #211106 (with electronics)
  relative distance
craig shephard Weehawken
howard skempton Oculus
linda smith Unbroken
pierre alexandre tremblay Quelques courtes contemplations I. craquer une allumette dans le noir, puis regarder la flamme danser
markus trunk ah, he likes to write, likes to get writing done, likes to get things on paper
nick williams hallelujahs (hobo4) (with electronics)
  klavierhammer (for toy piano)
christian wolff Small Preludes
  Sailing By
stewart worthy Building 18

other repertoire ( * denotes gave UK premiere)

thomas ades Still Sorrowing
martin arnold Rat-Drifting*
  Scudding Glamour (Rugged, Scud Glamour)
  Vines and Tubers (Nightshades)*
richard ayres No.8
  No.16 *
clarence barlow Textmusik no.4 *
  textmusik version XI (VII ’77) *
douglas barrett Derivation IIIa-c*
gerald barry Triorchic Blues
luciano berio Sequenza IV
martin blain Six Dance Fragments *
earle brown Four Systems
chris burn and only the snow can begin to explain *
  …as if as… *
  from ten, two and three *
john cage Bacchanale
  In a Landscape
  Music for Marcel Duchamp
  Music for Piano 4-19
  Music for Piano 69-84
  Music of Changes I
  Prelude for a meditation
  Seven Haiku
  Solo for piano (from ‘Concert for piano and orchestra’) (clip)
  Sonatas and Interludes
  Spontaneous Earth
  Suite for Toy Piano
  The Perilous Night
  Tossed as it is Untroubled
  TV Koln
  Two Pieces (1935)
  Two Pieces (1946)
  Variations II
  Winter Music
cornelius cardew Charge
  Memories of you
  Sailing the seas depends upon the helmsman
  Song and Dance
  Volo Solo
james clarke Sonata
aldo clementi Variazioni su B.A.C.H.
philip corner A Reverence to the piano
  Concerto for Housekeeper
laurence crane Birthday Piece for Michael Finnissy
  Chorale for Howard Skempton
  Twentieth Century Music
john croft …du second infini
alvin curran Inner Cities 2
  Light Flowers Dark Flowers II (Inner Cities 3)
gregory emfietzis DIY 1
richard emsley Flow Form
  for piano 2 *
  for piano 3
  for piano 4
morton feldman Extensions 3
  Figure of Memory
  For Bunita Marcus
  Intermission 3
  Intermission 4
  Intermission V
  Intermission 6
  Intersection 2
  Intersection 3
  Last Pieces
  Nature Pieces
  Palais de Mari
  Piano Piece 1952
  Piano Piece 1955
  Piano Piece 1956A
  Piano Piece 1956B
  Piano Piece (to Philip Guston)
  Piano Piece 1964
  Piano (1977)
  Three Dances
  Three pieces for Piano
  Two Intermissions
  Triadic Memories
  Vertical Thoughts IV
michael finnissy Elephant
  First Political Agenda*
  Gershwin Arrangements
  Short but…
  Sometimes I…
  Sonata (for toy piano)
  Third Political Agenda
  Willow Willow
christopher fox Prime Site
  at the edge of time *
jürg frey Extended Circular Music No.2*
  In memoriam Cornelius Cardew
  Lieues d’ombres*
  Pianist, Alone (1)*
  Pianist Alone (2)*
  Zwei allerletzte Sachelchen
kyle gann Paris Intermezzo
richard glover Logical Harmonies (1)and (2)
bryn harrison I-V
  Piano Set (Six Miniatures)
charles ives The Seen and the Unseen
  Three Page Sonata
  Varied Air and Variations
tom johnson The Chord Catalogue*
  Music for 88
györgy kurtag Jatekok (selection)
helmut lachenmann Ein Kinderspiel
john lely From The English
  Toy Pianos
liza lim Autumn (from ‘The Four Seasons (after Cy Twombly)’)
george maciunas Piano Pieces 1-13
david mahler La Ciudad de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles
gordon mumma 5 from the Sushi Box
  Medium Size Mograph 1962
chris newman High Blood B*
per nørgård Grooving
paul obermayer Coil listen
michael osterle Luke
michael parsons Canon in Proportional Tempi
  Fourths and Fifths
  Five Bagatelles
  Jive 2
  Oblique Pieces 1-21
  Piano Piece 5
  Piano Piece 1962
  Piano Piece 1967
  Piano Piece 1968
  Piano Piece February 2001
  Piano Piece September 2001
  Piano Piece May 2003
  12 Part canon
arvo pärt für Alina
  Variazioni zur Gesundung von Arinuschka
eldritch priest …soot?aporia*
larry polansky tooaytoods 1-11, 14a, 14b *
frederick rzewski Dust
marc sabat Nocturnes
  Ich Fahre Nach Koln
eric satie Nocturnes
  misc shorter pieces (untitled)
robert saxton Sonata
rodney sharman Opera Transcriptions (book 1)
craig shephard December
kunsu shim 33 things
howard skempton A Humming Song
  First Prelude
  Of Late
  Piano Piece 1969
  September Song
linda c smith A Nocturne *
  Music for John Cage
  Thought and Desire*
gerhard staebler Internet 1.3
karlheinz stockhausen Klavierstück I-IV
  Klavierstück VII
toru takemitsu Les yeux clos II
mark r taylor Failure
  Patterns 1
michael tippett Piano Sonata 2
  Piano Sonata 3
markus trunk Boeotische Riten
anton webern Variations
john white Piano Sonatas 111 – 114
  Piano Sonata 154
  Piano Sonata 162
  Piano Sonata 166
michael winter A chance happening *
christian wolff Accompaniments
  A Keyboard Miscellany
  A Piano Piece *
  Bread and Roses
  Eight Days a Week Variation *
  For pianist
  For Piano (I)
  For Piano II
  For piano with preparations
  For prepared piano
  Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida
  Long Piano (Peace March 11) *
  Incidental Music
  Nocturnes 1-6 *
  Pianist:Pieces *
  Piano Song (“I am a dangerous woman”)
  Preludes 1-11
  Small Preludes 1-20
  Suite (I)
  Three Satie Variations
  Tilbury 2
  Tilbury 3
  Touch *
  Variations (Extracts) on the Carman Whistle Variations of Byrd
walter zimmerman Wüstenwanderung
  When I’m Eighty-Four

with tape/electronics

clarence barlow variazioni e un pianoforte meccanico
david behrman Wavetrain
john cage Electronic Music for Piano (clip)
michael clarke Enmeshed II
christopher fox More things in the air than are visible
alvin lucier Music for Magnetic Strings
  Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators *
  Nothing Is Real
  Still Lives *
katherine norman Trying to translate
michael parsons Krapp Music
michael pisaro fields have ears *
donal sarsfeld Piano Accord

piano duet/two pianos

peter ablinger Ohne Titel 1-10
earle brown Twenty-five Pages
john cage Two2
laurence crane Piano Duets 1-4
morton feldman Intermission 6
  Piano Three Hands
  Piano Four Hands
  Two Pianos
  Vertical Thoughts I
graham fitkin fract
christopher fox A Kind Of Prayer
steve reich Piano Phase
kunsu shim Quasi a due
linda smith Velvet
mark r taylor Model-Theoretic **
christian wolff Duo for Pianists I
  Duo for Pianists II
  Duet I

ensemble ( ** denotes performed in premiere)

martin arnold B.Org (inegale)
  Spit Velata**
  Stain Ballad**
  under difference**
robert ashley Quartet
  Tap Dancing In The Sand
petra bachrata Mystic Garden
joanna bailie Charh
clarence barlow Relationships
g douglas barrett A Few Silences
david behrman Longthrow**
Mary Bellamy Beneath an ocean of air**
  new piece for piano and lupophon
antoine beuger un lieu pour etre deux
  three drops of rain / east wind / ocean
george brecht Water Yam
sylvano bussotti Sette Folgie
john cage Concert for Piano and Orchestra
  Imaginary Landscape No.1
  Music for…
  Radio Music
  She Is Asleep
  Six Melodies for violin and piano
  The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
cornelius cardew Autumn ‘60
  Solo with accompaniment
leo chadburn Freezywater**
henning christiansen Modeller: First Series Op.33
james clarke Trio
aldo clementi Berceuse
philip corner Punktus cum punktum **
  Satie’s rose cross prelude as a revelation
laurence crane Four Miniatures (clip)
  John White In Berlin **
  Piano Quintet
  Piano Quintet no.2**
  Seven Short Pieces
  Trio for Ros and Peter
julius eastman Hail Mary
  Stay On It
stefan van eycken far as we go**
morton feldman Between Categories
  Crippled Symmetry
  De Kooning
  Durations II
  False Relationships and the extended ending
  Patterns In A Chromatic Field
  Piece for Four Pianos
  Two Pieces for Three Pianos
simon h fell Positions and Descriptions
luc ferrari Chansons pour le corps
michael finnissy Âwâz-e Niyâz
  Post-Christian Survival Kit
christopher fox An der schattengrenze **
  Composition mit schwarz, rot und gelb
  Generic Compositions/Everything You Need To Know
  something to do with belief **
jürg frey Area of Three**
  Borderland Melodies**
  Circular Music No.2
  Extended Circular Music No.8
  Ferne Farben
  Fragile Balance**
  Late Silence**
  Paysage pour Gustave Round
  Un champ de tendresse parsemé d’adieux (4)**
peter garland Where Beautiful Feathers Abound
jon gibson Melody IV part 1
trevor grahl Pierement Parade
magnus granberg How Vain Are All Our Frail Delights?**
bryn harrison Time and Motion Studies
  Listenings I
  Piano Quintet**
sarah hughes I Stay Joined**
jerry hunt Chimanzi (Olun): double
ben isaacs allone
tom johnson Unpredictables
hans koch Alkan Graph
joseph kudirka an orchestra fantasy
  Beauty and Industry
  Two Sections
  Wyoming Snow
john lely Discovering Counterpoint**
  fall in the fresh lap of the cloudy messenger
  Four Reed Organs**
  Second Symphony
  Symphony in E
alvin lucier Letters
anton lukoszevieze Dirty Angels
witold lutoslawski Partita
george maciunas In memoriam Adriano Olivetti
  Music for Everyman
  Music for three mouths
christopher mayo Pike and Shot
rytis mazulis Canon Mensurabilis
  Canon fluxus**
  Non in commotione
Egidija Medekšaite Pratiksha**
olivier messiaen Oiseaux exotiques
  Quartet for the end of time
claudia moliter Pink Beads Popping**
mikako nishikaze trio-stella
paul newland Husk
  things that happen again, again**
tim parkinson septet**
  untitled for cello and piano
michael parsons Apartment House Suite
  Pentachordal Melody
ben patterosn Ants
tom phillips Ornamentik
michael pisaro Harmony Series
james saunders #271103 **
  assigned #15**
  imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent
arnold schoenberg Pierrot Lunaire
jack sheen Slow motion romantics Vol.II**
howard skempton Northern Light**
linda catlin smith Among The Tarnished Stars
  Far From Shore
  Moi qui tremblais
  Piano Quintet
  Through the Low Hills
  With Their Shadows
karlheinz stockhausen Kurzwellen
  Für kommende Zeiten
anton webern Four Pieces
  Three Pieces
john white C major machine
  Newspaper Reading Machine
  PT Machine
paul whitty Score Collection
christian wolff Apartment house Exercise **
  Braverman Music
  Exercise 10
  Exercise 11
  For Five or Ten People
  Exercises 29 & 30
justin yang Activities 1-5 Sonic Archetypes
Luiz Henrique Yudo A Quartet for Francois Morollet
  Five Palindromes


john cage Empty Words
michael parsons Walk