John Cage and Twenty-First Century Britain

2001, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield

John Cage Sonatas and Interludes
John Cage Waiting
John Cage Music of Changes 1
John Cage 4’33”
John Cage Music for piano 4-19
John Cage One
John Cage The Perilous Night
John Cage Two Pieces (1946)
John Cage Tossed as it is Untroubled
John Cage Two Pieces (1935)
John Cage One5
Stephen Chase Noise is kinder WORLD PREMIERE
Chris Burn and only the snow can begin to explain WORLD PREMIERE
Chris Burn …as if as… WORLD PREMIERE
Howard Skempton A Humming Song
Howard Skempton Quavers 3
Howard Skempton Of Late
Richard Emsley for piano 3
Richard Emsley For piano 4
Richard Emsley For piano 13 WORLD PREMIERE
Michael Parsons Krapp Music UK PREMIERE
Michael Parsons Fourths and Fifths
Michael Parsons Piano Piece December 2000 WORLD PREMIERE
Michael Parsons Four Oblique Pieces
Christopher Fox More things in the air than are visible
Richard Ayres No.16 UK PREMIERE