Masayo Asahara – Saint Catherine Torment

Masayo Asahara – composer, edit
Martin Archer – violectronic
Philip Thomas – prepared piano

‘Shades of Stockhausen and Galina Ustvolskaya to our ears, but with that distinctive Asahara minimalist touch. The 60 minute span seems to pass in a quarter of the time.’

“A 64 minute excursion into the possibilities ofprepared piano and electronics generated from a table top violin. And, as it turns out, the possibilities seem near endless.”
– Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise

“The compositional approach and bare eastern sensibility, brings forward an emptiness where modesty of resources or striking contrasts move at ease.”
– Modisiti

The worst of and the best of Cage and Stockhausen, all provided in one handy pouch of minimal grumbling.”
– Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector