Simon H Fell – Positions and Descriptions: Composition No.75

A multi-movement major composition by Simon H Fell, combining elements of avant-garde composition, free jazz, free improvisation, electronic music and more besides, but maneouvering between and across these categories.
with Alex Ward (clarinet), Andrew Sparling (clarinet), Chris Batchelor (trumpet), Damien Ryonnais (sax), Jim Denley (flute), Joby Burgess (percussion), Joe Morris (guitar)m Mark Sanders (percussion), Mifune Tsuji (violin), Philip Joseph (theremin), Philip Thomas (piano), Rhodri Davies (harp), Simon H Fell (bass), Tim Berne (saxophone), Steve Beresford (electronics, conduction), Clark Rundell (conductor)
Commissioned by BBC Radio 3 and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Clean Feed Records, CF230