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‘Abstruse Indeterminacy: Christian Wolff’s For pianist as extreme performance practice’ Sixth Biennial Conference on Music Since 1900, University of Keele


‘Hung up on the number 64’ International Cage Conference, University of Huddersfield: ‘Choosing the moment – performing the late works of John Cage’


Fourth Biennial Conference on Twentieth Century Music, University of Sussex: ‘A performer’s view on Christian Wolff’s Music’


Third Biennial International Conference on 20th Century Music, Nottingham University; ‘Interpretation and performance in Bryn Harrison’s etre-temps‘ (with Bryn Harrison and Professors Nicholas Cook and Eric Clarke)

Selected Programme Notes (Click on title to download)


Michael Finnissy profile, written for the 2016 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival


Jürg Frey: (per)forming sound and silence

profile of the Swiss composer for the hcmf 2015 programme book


Howard Skempton Oculus; Christian Wolff Sailing By; Michael Finnissy Beat Generation Ballads

Programme notes for world premiere performances, hcmf 2014

Christopher Fox Works for piano

liner notes to hat[NOW]art192

Morton Feldman Two Pianos and other pieces 1953-1969

liner notes to another timbre at81x2


Something new Something Old Something Else (2): Laurence Crane

featuring new work Piano Piece No.23 ‘Ethiopian Distance Runners’ alongside works by Finnissy, Harrison, Skempton and White.

Something new Something Old Something Else (2): Markus Trunk

featuring new work ah, he likes to write, likes to get writing done, likes to get things on paper alongside works by Arnold, Cage, Frey, Newman and Saunders.


For Pianist: the solo piano music of Christian Wolff

Three concerts of Wolff’s music, alongside music by composers who have been influential upon or influenced by Wolff



A concert presenting music written by musicians more normally known as improvisers, and composers influenced by improvisation. Includes music by Beck, Burn, Cage, Cardew, Fell, Finnissy, Obermayer, Wolff.


Something New Something Old Something Else: Christopher Fox

featuring new work Republican Bagatelles alongside Fox’s Prime Site and works by Beethoven, Linda C Smith, Sharman, Ives and Webern.

Lucier and Cage: works for piano and electronics


Something New Something Old Something Else: Richard Emsley

Featuring new work for piano 13 alongside Emsley’s Flow Form and works by Bach, Ives, Clementi, Finnissy

Croft, Lachenmann, Taylor, Zimmerman


The Art of Touch

Four concerts presenting the piano music of Morton Feldman, alongside newly commissioned works by Harrison, Parsons and Saunders.


John Cage and Twenty-First Century Britain

A 3-concert survey of piano music by John Cage alongside music by Richard Ayres, Chris Burn, Stephen Chase, Richard Emsley, Christopher Fox, Michael Parsons and Howard Skempton