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Philip performs with Apartment House in two London gallery concerts in September.

Thursday 17th September, a fluxus-inspired programme at the Whitechapel Gallery

Friday 25th September, a programme of music by Christian Wolff, with the composer, at the Serpentine Gallery

Philip is giving a keynote paper and is involved in talks and workshops at the Orpheus Institute, September 28th-30th, as part of a Christian Wolff focused series of events.


New Jürg Frey recordings

Jürg Frey Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014, a double-CD set of recent ensemble pieces by the Swiss composer, featuring Philip with Jürg Frey, Ryoko Akama, Mira Benjamin, Richard Craig, Emma Richards and Seth Woods.
br>Forthcoming: recent solo piano works, to be released on another timbre

Philip will be giving a solo concert and will be performing with Ensemble Grizzana at this year's Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival as part of a Jürg Frey focus

Recent Concerts

The music of Toronto-based composer Martin Arnold was celebrated in a recent Music We'd Like To Hear concert. Philip played a solo work, Points and Waltzes, and, with violinist Mira Benjamin, a specially composed duo, The Spit Veleta

Apartment House celebrated its 20th birthday concert in July at Cafe Oto, in a varied concert, subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Philip performed with both Quatuor Bozzini and Apartment House at the Angelica festival, Bologna, both concerts featuring the music of Laurence Crane.

Wolff's 80th and Finnissy's Beats
Philip recently premiered, and subsequently toured venues in the UK, U.S. and Canada, three new works specially commissioned in honour of Christian Wolff's 80th birthday at the 2014 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. The new works were:
Howard Skempton Oculus
Christian Wolff Sailing By
and Michael Finnissy Beat Generation Ballads, an extraordinary 50-minute work, taking in Bill Evans, Allen Ginsberg, Bach, Beethoven, Irish protest songs, Webern and music by a 16-year old Michael Finnissy.

Other concerts at hcmf 2014 included:
EEEEE, a performance given by the edges ensemble featuring works by English experimental composers, including Gavin Bryars, Brian Dennis, Bryn Harris, Chris Hobbs and Hugh Shrapnel
Feldman's Pianos, featuring Philip with Mark Knoop, Catherine Laws and John Tilbury performing works for multiple pianos by Feldman and Wolff, including the UK premiere of Wolff's Sonata for 3 pianos
Time With People, an opera, the world premiere performance of Tim Parkinson's extraordinary non-opera, performed by the edges ensemble

Recent CD releases

The following CDs were all released during 2014

Morton Feldman Two Pianos and other pieces 1953-1969, a double-CD set of music by Feldman for two or more pianos with ensemble, featuring Philip performing with John Tilbury. Andrew Clements, in his 5 star review of the release in the Guardian, describes the music as 'transcendentally beautiful'. For more information see another timbre or click here, or read my recent blog entries about the project.

Christopher Fox Works for piano
Four solo works by English composer Christopher Fox, three of which were composed for Philip: L'ascenseur, at the edge of time, Thermogenesis and Republican Bagatelles

A new CD of music by Lithuanian fluxus composer George Maciunas Musical Scoring Systems is out now, featuring Apartment House
Featuring popular classics such as Piece for 3 mouths (Homage to Toshi Ichiyanagi), Music for Everyman and Homage to Philip Corner

Pianist: Pieces, a triple-CD set of solo piano music by Christian Wolff, on sub rosa.
Includes all the works from the 1950s alongside major works composed since 2000, including the extended work Long Piano (Peace March 11), and a number of works recorded for the first time.
"Thomas is the perfect, committed guide" (Andrew Clements, The Guardian)
Read more about Philip's approach to Wolff's music in Sound American

Laurence Crane - Chamber Works 1992-2009, a double-CD set of solo and chamber works by Crane featuring Apartment House, on another timbre
Includes the first recording of Piano Piece No.23 - Ethiopian Distance Runners, composed for Philip Thomas. Included in The Wire's top 50 recordings of 2014.

Pianist: Pieces

Other News

Philip was conferred as Professor of Performance at the University of Huddersfield, in August 2015.

Philip, with Professor Martin Iddon (University of Leeds), has been awarded a major Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)grant. The grant supports a 3-year project investigating John Cage's Concert for piano and orchestra and includes support for two research assistants and significant research time leading to the publication of a monograph, recordings, a conference and an interactive web-site. More details will be posted here as the project develops.


I have taken the plunge and started an occasional blog. You can read why here.
Initial posts include discussions of performance issues concerning the music of Bryn Harrison, Tim Parkinson and Morton Feldman. You can navigate back to the main website via the blog menu.

An extensive interview with Philip about his new Christian Wolff CD release can be found at Sound American

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